Free floating raised fingerboard

I make this floating fingerboard purely from an aesthetic point of view so that you can see the whole Top and the entire Rosette. in addition, I show from a constructive point of view that it is simply possible next to a normally on Top glued Fingerboard. Think of all string instruments such as the violin or cello, which despite their higher string tension, also have this construction.


This exclusive piece of Marquetry is inspired by a woodcut to be found in one of the doors of the Royal Palace at Marakech. The applied color Green is the color of fertility, spring and new life. It is a positive color with associations such as balance, harmony, innovation trust safety and prosperity.



Arched Back versus Flat Back

I build guitars with both arched and flat backs. There is no better or worse in this. It is a choice of taste and what is expected of the instrument. The back is only a small part of a larger total. Of course it is tuned to all other components.
But I agree: it always looks gorgeous...


Past and Present

This traditional-looking Headstock preserves a high-tech within itself. These Pegs are in fact Tuning Machines. A nice connection between tradition and progressiveness.



Traditionally classical guitars never have a Cutaway, but this type is not comparable to a normal one. It is just a hollow inspired by a small position cavity of the legendary Gibson SG. There is no question of any influence on the quality of the sound or the volume. It gives the player the opportunity to play the higher positions with more ease and relaxation.